Pedro Mendes
MSc., M.A.

The goals for the psychotherapeutic or psychoanalytic work differ and the approach best suited to the client's needs must be discussed and agreed upon.

In a nutshell, psychotherapeutic work focuses on alleviating symptoms and recovering functionality in daily life, while psychoanalytic work focus not only on functionality but also on personal development and on reaching the psycho-spiritual potential that Jung named individuation. It is a profound process of self-awareness and transformation.

As an Analytical Psychotherapist I work with people who suffer from symptoms which hinder the client’s life and functionality. Typical symptoms are depression, anxiety, phobias or addictive patterns. These symptoms might happen due to radical changes in one’s life (divorces, grief processes, professional changes, etc.). The duration of the treatment depends on the client and the level of suffering. The session are usually weekly with a duration of 60 minutes. Psychotherapists have a background in clinical psychology and are regulated by professional associations of psychologists and psychotherapists, which define the ethical and deontological terms of the profession. Make sure that you are working with a certified professional. He/she must be able to prove his/her accreditation.


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Psychoanalysis is a form of more intensive and in-depth work, for cases that require a more intensive approach or for people who wish to embark on a journey of self-discovery. It’s a long-term process with weekly sessions or 2/3 sessions a week. Depth and change require a focus and the development of a therapeutic relationship that challenges the today’s fast-pace and quick fix attitude. Psychoanalysts have a specific training longer than that for psychotherapy and were also themselves analyzed in a long and in-depth training analysis. The psychoanalyst must be able to prove his accreditation with an institute that trains professionals in line with the international standards for psychoanalysis.