Pedro Mendes
MSc., M.A.

Any kind of intervention is based on a deep, confidential and trusting relationship between client and therapist. This is the most important aspect of the therapeutic process and the one which is determinant in terms of positive results, according to several studies on efficacy in psychotherapy.  Although my approach is mainly informed by analytical psychology and its methods (dreamwork, creative imagery work, drawing or Sandplay, the use of imagination in psychotherapeutic exploration and intervention), I use an integrative approach as a result of my experience and training in other psychotherapeutic approaches which complement the techniques described above. The specificity of each process requires a methodology in accordance with the psychic reality and the individual characteristics and preferences of each individual. The method and techniques have to adapt to the individual and not the other way around.

                                         Rogério Timóteo, Winged man | 186x420x38 cm | Marble and Relief